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Wildfires, Home Insurance and Staying Safe During Poor Air Quality Days

With an increase in wildfires over the last few years, some insurance carriers around the country have needed to make adjustments to home insurance policies. Here are two common scenarios we are seeing: Depending on the...

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Do Your Part to Reduce Wildfires This Summer

It is that time of year when we like to remind you of the importance of wildfire prevention. Preventing a wildfire requires a collective effort and best practices need to be utilized to lower our risk. Did you know the...

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What to Look for When Buying a House to Avoid Unnecessary Insurance Claims

If you’re house hunting, you’re probably looking at many elements like the number of bedrooms or how updated the kitchen is. Don’t forget to check for these things too, which which may help avoid home insurance claims...

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Insurance Options for Small Businesses to Avoid Financial Vulnerability

You might be surprised to learn that small businesses are more vulnerable to many financial risks than their larger counterparts, even when it comes to liability claims going after the latter’s deeper pockets. The good...

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