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Should You Insure Your Golf Cart?

Golf carts aren’t just used for the golf course. Many people use as an easy transportation around their neighborhood.

Depending what state you live in, insurance for your golf cart is either required or optional. Golf cart insurance is going to provide you with the best coverage versus simply relying on your home insurance policy for coverage. Home insurance can also deny coverage if you get into an accident or injure someone away from your property.

What protection does golf cart insurance provide you?

Similar to car insurance, golf cart insurance can provide you with a wide variety of protection.

Property damage liability – if you damage someone’s property with your golf cart, this can pay for the damage.

Bodily injury liability – if you injure someone who is not a passenger with your golf cart, this can pay for the medical bills.

Guest Passenger liability – if you injure your guest passenger who is riding with you, this may pay for medical expenses.

Collision insurance – this coverage can pay for any damage you cause to your golf cart if you get into a collision with another object.

Comprehensive insurance – this can provide coverage if something happens to your golf cart such as fire damage, theft or any other event that causes damage.

Uninsured motorist coverage – this coverage helps pay for damage on accidents where you are not at fault. If you get into an accident with someone else who is at fault, but that person doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the damage, uninsured motorist coverage may kick in.

Medical payments – this can provide coverage for medical bills related to you and your guest passengers regardless who is at fault for the accident.

Frequently Asked Questions about Golf Cart Insurance –

I have a home and auto insurance policy, if I choose not to buy a golf cart insurance policy, am I covered by my other insurance policies?

Auto insurance rarely provides coverage for golf carts. Your home insurance may provide some coverage for your golf cart, but only if you have a claim that occurs on your property. We don’t recommend relying on this coverage because it can be minimal. Talk to an agent in our office about what your home insurance could cover. If you get into an accident away from your property, most likely your home insurance will deny any coverage.

Is golf cart insurance affordable?

Definitely! Insurance premiums vary based off of what coverage you want to purchase. If you want to purchase all the coverage options above, your cost will be more versus just purchasing liability insurance.

Other factors that play a role in your premium – your driving history, your vehicle, if you wish to pay yearly or monthly or taking a safety course.

Call our agency for a free insurance quote! If you have other policies, we can bundle with your current insurance carrier to provide you with additional discounts.