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How to Prep Your Car for Fall and Winter Seasons

With summer coming to an end and cooler weather beginning to approach, now is a great time to get ahead and get your vehicle ready for fall and winter. Fall might seem early to get your car ready, but this season can produce hazardous weather that can make driving dangerous for those who are not prepared.

Depending on where you live or even where you might be driving, you could experience cold weather that can cause slick roads. To help keep you safe while driving during these seasons, we provided some tips to help get you and your vehicle ready for the changing road conditions.

Make Sure Your Car is Serviced

One of the best ways to help lower your risk of a car breakdown or accident is to make sure to keep your vehicle is well maintained.

Here is what to check:

Check your tire tread. A good way to combat fall and winter road conditions is to make sure your tires are in great condition. If your tires have poor tread depth, this can affect your car's traction abilities. If you drive over mountain passes or live in a cold environment, you should also consider adding specialized winter tires to your vehicle so you have an additional level of traction for driving.

Is your heater working? Not only will this provide comfort for you when the air outside is cooler, but it will also help defrost your windshield in case fog or ice begins to form on your glass.

Check your brakes. With the chance of the roads becoming slippery causing braking distances to be increased, you’ll want to make sure that your brakes are well inspected.

Check your headlights. Fall and winter can bring the darkest time of the year, making objects outside of your car more difficult to see if your car’s lights are dim. Make sure all of your headlights shine bright enough so you can easily see any obstacles. Additionally, make sure your tail lights are bright enough too so that other drivers behind you can see you.

Check your windshield wipers. Review your wipers to ensure they are in good shape. If your car gets into contact with any leaves, moisture, debris, etc. you can depend on your wipers to be able to keep your windshield clear and easily visible.

Additional items to consider:

Store warm clothes or a blanket in your car

In an emergency event where your car breaks down on the side of the road in cold weather, it is important to keep warm while you wait for assistance. Pack warm clothes in your car ahead of time so you can stay comfortable if this event ever happens. A good rule of thumb is to pack clothes that you would be comfortable wearing for a long time outside.

Keep Basic Tools in Your Car

  1. A windshield scrapper helps you quickly scrape ice from your windshield.
  2. A first aid kit can be very helpful. We recommend always keeping one in your trunk.
  3. Double check that your emergency roadside kit is ready in the event you need to change your tire. This can includes a jack, a jack handle, a tire iron, a screwdriver and of course, your spare!

We hope you never have to experience a car breakdown or accident. Being prepared for the unexpected can help make a bad situation better.

If you have any questions about road safety, your auto insurance policy or adding road side assistance, please contact our agency.