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5 Things to Consider Doing This Spring

Spring is in the air! Plants are starting to bloom, days are feeling longer and weather is getting warmer. There are many things to be excited for when it comes to a new season. Our agency shares five things to consider doing this spring.  

Plan a fun, local spring activity

Spring can be known for beautiful flowers. One of the best spring activities to do is to visit a tulip garden or your local arboretum. Visiting a tulip festival could be a family outing or great date night with your partner. Your local arboretum can also allow out to see the season’s change. Plan a picnic or just enjoy a stroll in the park.

Change Out Your Wiper Blades on Your Car

Spring is a great time to change out your wiper blades. Your wiper blades have worked hard to keep your windshield clear of grit and grime on the roadways. If you need help changing out your blades many locally owned auto parts stores can help. Changing them out usually only takes a minute and can keep you safe on the road if inclement weather strikes.

Consider Growing a Vegetable or Flower Garden

Growing a vegetable garden not only helps you save on groceries, but it gives you the satisfaction of growing your own food. Many people feel like vegetables from their garden taste better too. Flowers also provide many gardeners with joy. As a bonus, maintaining a garden can be relaxing and a great hobby to add to your lifestyle.

Choose a Day to Spring Clean Your Home

We all have heard about spring cleaning. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Spring cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean you have to commit a whole weekend to cleaning. You could start by doing one task only.

Consider one below:

  1. Clean out your closet & donate clothes you haven’t worn in over 12 months.
  2. Organize your pantry.
  3. Vacuum out your car and wipe down the interior.
  4. Dust your house including your blinds if you have them.
  5. Clean out your fridge. Not only discarding bottles that may have expired, but actually wipe down drawers and shelves. Make it sparkle again!
  6. Change your smoke detector batteries.
  7. Organize your garage.

Are You Considering Buying a Used RV?

RVs are great for outdoor enthusiasts. If you are shopping for a used RV, be sure to look for water damage before making the purchase. RV’s are very susceptible to water damage. Truth is many manufacturers in the US don’t build the RVs with as much quality as they could.

Water damage is usually easy to spot or smell. If the RV smells musty or feels damp, this is a big indicator. Look for mineral stains or water stains on wood towards the floor, around skylights and air conditioners or vents located on the roof. Also, go around the RV or trailer and push in on all the sides all the way around. If water has gotten into the walls, it could quickly rot the structural portions of the RV and will feel spongy. Pushing on the sides will identify any areas that may be compromised. An RV should be stiff and hard, if it flexes, it is possible there is water damage. This quick inspection could save you thousands in repairs.

We hope you enjoy your spring! If you ever have questions regarding your auto, home, boat, rv or motorcycle insurance, be sure to reach out to us.