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College Students and Auto Insurance in West Virginia

College Students: We need to talk to you about auto insurance in West Virginia.

College is an exciting place. New experiences, friends and knowledge await wherever you go.  Before the fun starts, there are some decisions that need to be made: Will you live on or off campus? Will you work while in school and will you be taking your vehicle with you? Check with your school first, as some colleges and universities do not allow freshman to have vehicles on-campus. You should also consider the cost of a parking permit and remember that parking lots are not the friendliest or secure places for vehicles that are not driven that often. When it comes to your auto insurance, talk to your agent as there are many factors that could influence the price of your premium.

College students and auto insurance West Virginia:

  • Location: Where you attend school matters when it comes to your auto insurance. Are you attending school more than 100 miles from home? Will you be living in a dorm or off-campus? Parking in a garage or on the street. All of these factors will influence the price of your auto insurance premium. If you are leaving your vehicle with your parents while away at school and will not have regular access to your vehicle, you may be eligible for a distant student discount.
  • Coverage: If you plan on attending a school in a different state, ask your insurance agent if you insurance coverage limits are enough. The legal insurance requirements in your state may be insufficient for the legal requirements where you attend school. If you don’t have underinsured motorist coverage (UMPD/UIM), it may be worth considering as cars tend to get dinged, scratched and hit in large parking lots.
  • Theft: While college can be filled with great experiences, there can be some bad with the good. Break-ins and thefts can occur at your dorm, apartment and car. Renter’s insurance may help to help recoup costs for thefts that occur in your dorm or apartment. An auto insurance policy may cover the physical damage to your vehicle like a broken or smashed window, however there a no provisions for the loss of personal property like laptops, cell phones, etc. It is important to remember that valuables should not be left in unattended vehicles.

There are several discounts that could be available to students as they go through school like a good student discount or multi-policy discount. For all your insurance needs, talk to the insurance experts at Wickline Insurance in Beckley, West Virginia. No matter where you are attending school, they can assist you with making sure your auto insurance policy has you completely covered. They can also assist with setting up a renter’s insurance policy for your dorm or apartment. For more information about Wickline Insurance or the insurance products they offer, visit their insurance website 24/7.