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Driving Faux-Pas in West Virginia

Don’t be “that” guy in traffic


We wanted to know what some of your biggest gripes about those other drivers you share the road with. After tallying our unofficial poll results, we compiled a list of bad habits behind the wheel.

  • Blinkers: Not using a blinker topped the list of annoyances on the road. Using a blinker allows other motorists to know where you intended to merge, turn or otherwise move. It gives your fellow commuters a chance to slow down to let you in/turn, etc. Not using a blinker and then moving your vehicle could cause those around you to slam on their brakes potentially causing an auto accident. We all forget every now and again, but make sure to use that blinker.
  • Merging: There were several gripes surrounding merging. Most agreed that not allowing other cars to merge into traffic was not very nice and also hazardous. Allowing traffic to flow onto the freeway may prevent an auto accident. Also on the merging gripe list is merging at a speed too slow or too fast could cause other drivers to react which could lead to an auto accident.
  • Aggressive drivers: In many states, driving aggressively can lead to a hefty ticket. Drivers who tailgate, weave in and out of traffic and speed excessively put not only themselves at risk, but other drivers, etc., around them as well.
  • Distracted drivers: These days there are many things that can distract you while driving a vehicle. Shushing kids, minding pets, texting or talking on cell phones, self-grooming, eating, drinking coffee and playing with the radio are all things that can distract you from your number one task – keeping your eyes on the road. Whether you are on a major interstate or a country road, it only takes a moment for a vehicle, animal, child or debris to get right into your path. If you are not paying attention to the road, your reaction time could be minimized and it could lead to an auto accident.
  • Share the road: Not only do we share the road with other drivers, we share the road with cyclists and pedestrians. In some areas cyclists have dedicated lanes, but they are afforded the same “right-of-way” privileges as pedestrians. When driving in an area frequented by cyclists and pedestrians, you need to be hyper-aware of your surroundings as they can seemingly pop out of “nowhere.” While the burden of an auto accident may fall to the vehicle, all parties have a duty and responsibility to look out for themselves and each other. Cyclists and pedestrians should make the direction they are heading clear, and cyclists should use the proper directional hand signals.

Driving is a privilege and requires the utmost responsibility when behind the wheel. We all have bad days when we are rushing to get to our destinations, mad at the driver in front of us or just in a daze. Snapping yourself out of those moods may help prevent an auto accident or injury. If an accident does occur, make sure to get the appropriate information from all parties involved and report the claim to your insurance carrier. If you have any questions about your auto insurance coverage, don’t hesitate to ask the experts at Wickline Insurance Associates in Beckley, WV. Your local, independent insurance agents can walk you through what may or may not be covered by your current auto insurance policy and help you decide if additional coverage is right for your situation. They can also assist you with a personal umbrella policy. You can visit their insurance website 24/7 for more details.